Our programs are designed for members and community engagement

Introduction Programs

We engage in all kinds of programs to support our members and the community through seminars, fundraising dinners, feeding the homeless, community clean-up, participating with other associations. We believe our kids and youth are the future, therefore we strive to come up with programs and activities that will foster their growth, values, education, and aspirations. 

Kids Program    

We offer FREE reading and tutoring group programs to the kids ( 5 through 12 years old) of our members - once a week. Tutors are mostly members who volunteer their time to assist in the Kids program. There is a 3 month commitment by the volunteers and is done by members on a rotational basis. 

 Youth Programs    

The youth program is for members between the ages of 15 and 24. Programs includes STEM tutoring for High School students. Additionally, Members who are Engineers, Doctors, Computer programmers, Nurses, Physician assistants etc. provide one-on-one career advice to kids and youth of members who are in high school college bound kids and college who want to follow the same path. 

Other Programs   

Other programs include financial advice and assistance to members, career change advice, family support in times of hardship, legal representation referral, investment group, employment referral, job search task force (team setup to help a member find a job at all cost in a short amount of time),  and others.

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Tel: 1-661-123-4567

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