Frequently asked questions

Can the dumpster be placed on the street?

Dumpsters can generally be placed on the street if they are in a safe spot and in front of the owner's property. Dumpsters must be placed in a spot that does not impede traffic or obstruct vehicles or pedestrians in any way.

Where is the best place to put the dumpster?

Driveways are often the best choice. Our dumpsters can fit in most driveways and take up about the space of a large pickup truck. Our trucks require 12 ft of height and 10 ft of width to safely back up and place dumpsters. Placing the dumpster in the driveway may also help detour illegal dumping from neighbors.

How long do we have the dumpster?

Each service includes a predetermined number of days. Our standard rental includes 5 days. Please see "How it Works" for more information.

Can the dumpster be removed early?

Yes, we can usually remove the dumpster the same day it is requested.

Do you accept Mattresses?

Yes, mattresses are accepted with most of our dumpster rental services.

Can the dumpster rental period be extended?

Yes, you can extend the dumpster rental for up to a maximum of 14 days. Each additional day is $ 10, and we require 48 hour notice.

Is payment required before the dumpster is delivered?

Yes, payments are required before the dumpster can be delivered and to secure any reservation. We offer many convenient payment options.

How do I pay for the dumpster rental?

We accept all major credit cards, electronic check, paypal and Apple Pay. We generally email you an invoice, which you can pay online to confirm the order. Payments can also be accepted over the phone.

Can I cancel or reschedule my order?

Yes, orders must be canceled the day before delivery to receive a refund. A $25 service charge applys. Dumpsters can be re-scheduled for no charge.

Is there anything that can't go in the dumpster?

We do not accept anything that is considered household hazardous. This includes paints, tires, chemicals, solvents, batteries and any appliances containing freon. No Concrete Please see " Terms and Conditions" for more information.

What if the dumpster is filled and I need another one?

We offer "Swap Services" on any standard or extended rental service. Swaps services include the dumpster being emptied and replaced. Swaps can usually be accomodated on the same or next day it is requested. See " Swap Out" for more info and pricing.

Does anyone need to be at there when the dumpster is delivererd and removed?

No one is required to be at the delivery location at the time of drop-off or pick-up unless they desire to be so. A predetermined location along with any special instructions will be discussed at the time of ordering.



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