From the president

Brothers and sisters of our beloved Africa, I salute you. In taking office, we realized that it is time to make our presence not only known but felt around Kern County. It is time for us to show that we are vital members of this community that we reside in. I am calling on everyone to come out and work with us.

As a proud African and a humble son of our great fatherland, I plan to uphold and showcase our identity and with God’s help, I will do my best to abide by our constitution and bylaws.

To achieve this goal, first we must come together. I cannot underscore the importance of togetherness. As the saying goes “when spider unite, they can tie up a lion”.

Josue Tien 


Aba Aikins-Adjaye



Program Coordinator

Antoinette Errogue Sob


Harry Mamattahr


ADDRESS 12345 some place for bako, CA 93312

Tel: 1-661-123-4567

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